James Jowsey


James 'Pilkington / Deadpool' Jowsey is the head coach of the JJ Perform Plus programme. With over 17 years of experience in the fitness industry and working with athletes at the pinnacle of their sporting career, ranging from CrossFit, English Premier League and Championship football and Premiership rugby players.

James is driven to help people achieve their goals with incredible attention to detail - in his quest to be the best coach he can be.

Cyril Grechi


Cyril 'the face' Grechi is part of JJ Perform's elite coaching team, which focuses on strength, weightlifting and gymnastics 'bolt-on' groups. He played national-level tennis in France.

The high skill demand in tennis is a crucial foundation of his coaching philosophy, prioritising technical proficiency and movement quality to improve your weightlifting and gymnastic performance. Accuracy beats power!